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You and your products are a focus, not an after-thought in our organization. We have the advantage of being privately owned, and our ownership is involved constantly in all aspects of our business.

Account Management

VMI - Vendor Managed Inventory

Business Management

Retail Services


Sales Support – Customer Service

Financial Management

Account Management

Our team of Account Managers visits individual customers in our marketplace to do in-person sales calls on a weekly basis. Working in coordination with our Business Managers, they have unparalleled access to Category Managers in various departments of all of our customers, and they understand their individual needs and nuances. They have built personal relationships which can work to serve you and your brand, and they can streamline the process to get your items to the shelf at the right price, with the proper promotions, and in the right destinations at store-level. Our team can negotiate and execute:

  • New Item Introductions
  • Promotional Programs
  • Introduction to Customer Specific Marketing Programs
  • Trade Show Inclusions
  • Retail Specific Projects
  • Financial & Deduction Management
  • Business Reviews
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VMI - Vendor Managed Inventory

We have the ability at several of our customers to act as an extension of their buying team by offering our services as VMI. We place orders through customer VPN’s directly into their systems. This allows us unparalleled access to manage your business, including:

  • Inventory Management
    • Partner with applicable category manager and procurement team
    • Review proposed & approved promotions to determine case quantities needed for sale
    • Analyze previous year’s volume to ensure we have the necessary lead-time for orders for packaging, etc.
  • Monitor for Short Coded Product
  • Handle Distributions to Individual stores
  • Partnership directly with Category Managers and Procurement Teams

Business Management

Each manufacturer we represent is assigned a Business Manager. Their job is to become the expert on your line within our organization, and your primary point of contact within WWS. This streamlined approach allows you to access our entire team, but have the one-on-one communication to maximize the effectiveness of your time. Your Business Manager will coordinate all planning activities directly with you including new item presentations, program building, in-store activities and financial management. We will work side by side with you on a daily basis to manage all aspects of your business in our marketplace.

Retail Services

Our team of Retail Merchandisers are geographically located strategically in the tri-state area and are positioned with territories of individual locations. They provide a variety of services on behalf of our manufacturers including but not limited to:

  • Category Resets
  • Price and Promotion Execution
  • Cutting and Wrapping of bulk product
  • Building and maintaining ambient displays of product
  • Competitive item research
  • Installation of Point-of-Sale material
  • Assisting with New Store Openings and Grand Re-Openings
  • Cutting in New Item
  • Responding to individual store concerns
  • Reporting on quality of products at store level

Sales, Support & Customer Service

Our team can handle all order processing for customers via EDI or any other method of transmission. We work to ensure accurate pricing, lead-time, and order quantities. We also can assist in making certain deliveries are accepted on time and properly. When issues arise, our team is trained to resolve them directly with the customer.

Financial Management


  • We process all price adjustments and our teams work to ensure that they are applied correctly and on-time.


  • Orders are processed and checked to ensure pricing accuracy, and all measures of compliance including weight minimums, promotions, and proper cubing of deliveries.


  • Our team can manage all of your Financial & Deduction needs for all customers in our marketplace. We work to provide backup and detail on deductions to verify validity, and if they are found to be invalid we work to handle repays directly with the accounting departments of our customers. We also work with auditing firms on post-audits.
  • We do our best to be proactive to prevent deductions, and process customer invoices for payment to avoid unnecessary fees.


Our team is well-trained and experienced in helping our manufacturers market their products specifically for customers in the NY Metro Market. Our services include:

  • Crafting effective PowerPoint and Keynote presentations for Category Manager meetings and reviews.
  • Analyzing IRI Data to help understand category trends and to complement effective pricing strategies.
  • Creating sell-sheets and other customized selling tools for both our Account Managers and In-store Retail selling associates.
  • Planogram Implementation through category insights specific to our marketplace.
  • Food show design and execution.
  • Setting up meetings and execution with customer-specific in-house category development teams.
  • Recommendations for the very best use of your valuable marketing budgets!
  • We also have experience with Outdoor advertising programs as well as radio and TV placements.

We understand the business

Remarkable Opporunities


From door to door across Metro NY, our team has vast experience placing and succeeding with a wide variety of items in the Frozen department.


WWS has an extensive Produce department with items in several categories. Our team introduced the first bagged salads more than 30 years ago and we have been constant players in this area for that entire time.


This is one of the most unique and challenging departments in the store, but we pride ourselves on our vast product assortment and our expertise in understanding the nuances of the Bakery world.

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Our team prides itself on our long track record in the Dairy department specializing in both branded and private label items, which we have been selling for decades. This high-volume department takes a certain diligence which we pride ourselves on maintaining to be competitive and relevant.


Our team has extensive experience in the Deli or “Appetizing” department here in Metro NY. From cutting and wrapping bulk product to build ambient displays, to placing shippers and new items both behind the glass and in the service case, we can do it all.


As a perishable broker we have the knowledge and expertise with a wide variety of products in the meat department.


We specialize in branded products in the Seafood department and have experience with a wide variety of specialities.